what is this?

- doesthisdrop.com is a way to gather data drom the Destiny community to find out what is dropping, and where it's dropping from. it relies on user-driven, aggrigate data to track drops. want to know if a certain legendary can drop from level 20 strikes? does a certain exotic drop in year 2? how many diluvian 10/4xs have really decoded from engrams? (you know it's in the millions...) this site is aiming to help answer those questions.

how does it work?

- enter your username and system below - this will pull your characters and their gear. while wearing that new piece you just found, click on it and a new box will pop up, asking you where you got it from. that's it. all this data is then compiled to see if any patterns emerge - all things being equal, it really shouldn't. but that will be fun to find out.

the menu contains all the links you need. if you switch gear and don't see it on your character, scroll to the bottom and click the retrieve items button, that will hit the bungie servers again.

this site relies on user participation - if enough people use the site, i hope it will be an asset to the community. i'm opening it first to the fine folks over at the Destiny subreddit (represent!)

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